Agricultural Machinery

It is agriculture where the effects and benefits of Modern technology are most prominent. Right from the soil cultivation and planting to the harvesting and loading of various agricultural goods & products, agricultural machinery now play pivotal roles. Instead of harvesting the crop by hand with a sharp blade, wheeled machines now cut a continuous swath. And instead of threshing the grain by beating it continuously and severely with sticks, threshing machines separated the seeds from the heads and stalks. Thus, Agricultural Machinery commands an extensive range of equipments and machines and comprises of the Tractors, Chisel Plow, Plough, Power & Rotary Tillers, Planters & Transplanters, Manure Spreader, Sprayers, Reapers, Harvesters, Hay Rakes & Tedders, Balers and Loaders, besides various other small instruments and tools. We offer most expedient and reliable agricultural equipments & machines, manufactured by renowned companies of the world, at rather competitive, economical prices.